Experiment for Effect! The Cabintech Experimenters Effects (CEfx, "see-fex") modules are specifically built with the experimenter, educator, self-learner, and hobbyist in mind. Designed in collaboration with Jim MacArthur at the Harvard University Electronic Instrument Design Lab, each module is designed to work in a solderless breadboard environment giving you the ultimate flexibility to add your own circuits, tear down and rebuild something new at any time.

These modules supply the basic building blocks of modular synthesizers and/or effects systems. By using the breadboard as a platform you can mix in your own circuits, modify them, and experiment with virtually any idea. Mix and match as your interest takes you, build, rebuild, and change it around at any time.

We also provide a path to a more permanent implementation as a eurorack module or guitar effects pedal if you want to turn your experiment into a permanent addition to your music system. It is all about flexibility and an experimental circuits platform centered around basic synth functions and audio effects blocks.

All CEfx modules share some common ideas:

Just getting started? See our CEfx Starter Kit for everything you need at significant savings.

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Discount for Educators

Many of these modules are currently in use at Harvard University and other schools for classes in electronic instruments, acoustics, and other subjects. We offer a 20% discount to educational institutions that purchase 5 or more modules for classroom or lab use. Contact us for educational discount information.

Coming Soon!

We are currently developing the next generation of our CEfx modules which will include some in kit form you can build yourself. Follow our Facebook page page for announcements. All remaining stock of our first generation modules are now discounted 50%!

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