CEfx Power Options

There are a number of options for powering your CEfx modules depending on your existing system (if any) and how you want to use the modules.

CEfx Power Module on Breadboard

The simplest way to power your projects is to use our CEfx power module which plugs right into your breadboard and supplies power to the breadboard power rails. Each module picks up the power it needs (+12V, -12V, +5V) from the power rails. In this arrangement is is most convenient to position the power module at one end of the breadboard so that signal wires between modules do not have to jumper over it. The CEfx power module can power one or two breadboards worth of modules.

Note that some breadboards have a "split" power rail (each rail supplies only half the breadboard). In this case you will need to jumper the split rails together so that the power module can supply modules anywhere on the board.

Stripboard/Perfboard Power

You can use a CEfx module on standard 0.1-inch stripboard or perfboard for more permanent soldered projects. Breadboard power rail pairs for which CEfx modules are designed are NOT spaced a multiple of 0.1 inch apart so the default installed power pins will not fit into standard strip/perfboard. Specifically the +12V pins (and +5V if the module uses it) will not align to standard 0.1 inch boards.

However, all CEfx modules have an extra set of +12V (and +5V) unsoldered power holes that ARE spaced a multiple of 0.1-inch. As shipped these holes are not populated - you will need to remove the +12V (and +5V) headers and move them to the alternate holes. Note that the CEfx power module also has these alternate header holes so it can be used to power a stripboard/perfboard design.

Eurorack Power

CEfx modules can be powered from a standard Eurorack modular synth power supply using our CEfx Eurorack Power Adapter. This adapter connects a standard Eurorack power supply to breadboard power rails. This adapter also has an onboard +V5 supply if the Eurorack supply does not have a +5V rail. The onboard +5V can be disabled if the Eurorack does have its own +5V.

As with other CEfx modules, the Eurorack adapter can be used on a breadboard or (see the modifications outlined above) with stripboard/perfboard designs.

Benchtop or Other Supply

Almost any suitable supply can be adapted to a CEfx system by using our bare-board power adapter. A benchtop (or other) supply can be wired directly to the test points on the board, and with appropriate headers installed, the board can then power breadboard power rails or a stripboard/perfboard design. You can also choose to populate the +5V regulator on the board to supply +5V if your external supply does not have it.