Delivery Delays due to COVID-19
Last updated June 23, 2020

Most of our customers choose USPS delivery services so this information is focused on USPS domestic and international shipping. USPS international mail depends on in-country mail systems for final delivery. This means that not only is it necessary for USPS to sort and transport mail to the destination country, final delivery also depends on the local mail services which may have their own challenges related to COVID-19. USPS international mail services physically deliver mail only as far as the destination country. The in-country mail system is responsible for the "last leg" and final delivery to the customer. Due to the nature of COVID-19 related delays and the dependency on in-country mail systems, USPS information on potential mail disruptions is necessarily general and cannot predict delivery times for any given shipment. The most up to date information for any particular country can be seen on the USPS service alerts page.

Visibility into delays is hampered more by the fact that USPS does not provide tracking (for most countries) once a package is put into the local mail services - tracking stops with the last USPS handling of the item. This often gives the impression of a "lost" package when in fact it is delayed by the in-country mail services.

Much of the COVID-related delays (domestic and international) is due to the major reduction in commercial air travel. Flights that usually carry USPS mail cargo are not flying, requiring USPS to send mail by ground routes (domestic US) or by sea-cargo (international). International mail that gets routed by sea-cargo will experience many weeks of delivery delay. Some of the sea-cargo shipments are documented here. It is impossible to know if any specific shipment has been (or will be) routed by sea-cargo.

What to Expect with USPS International Shipments?

Our experience so far is that international shipments are not often lost, they are just very delayed. We often get customers with packages presumed "lost" reporting delivery many weeks after expected delivery. We used to consider an international shipment "lost" if it was not delivered in 6 weeks. We have now extended that to 12 weeks.

FedEx Shipping - Expensive but Reliable

Since FedEx operates their own flights, logistics, and end-delivery systems they are not so much affected by the reduction in commercial air flights. FedEx delivery to most major countries are operating, although sometimes at reduced capacity. Current FedEx delays due to COVID-19 (domestic US and international) is described in this FedEx document.

Country Specific Information

US Domestic Deliveries

US domestic First Class and Priority mail appear to be operating near normal with most deliveries being completed in 2-4 days, occasionally we see a First Class package taking 6-10 days.


Deliveries to Canada are less affected by lack of air cargo space than most international destinations. Since the vast majority of Canadians live within 100 miles of the U.S. border, most orders to Canada experience some delays but appear to arrive in a reasonably timely manner. While Canada Post is experiencing heavy parcel volume, just like the USPS, it does not have any major systemic mail disruptions.


We have suspended shipments to Mexico due to lack of air transport within the country and closure of many local post offices.


USPS has re-routed many mail shipments to sea-cargo routes resulting in many weeks of delay. Some of those shipments, including affected countries, are described here. It is not possible to know if a given package is being (or has been) sent by sea-cargo or the more usual air routes.


Although we have no specific information on Australia shipment delays beyond that described by USPS, many of our Australian customers have reported significant delays in receiving orders, sometimes exceeding 10 weeks.

Other International Destinations

Delivery times are very unpredictable for most non-US destinations. The USPS Service Alerts page provides some information on most countries, but it is fairly generic and cannot provide exact expected delivery times.