Xvive MIKE EQ Presets Analog Effects Pedal

The Xvive MIKE EQ Presets Analog Effects Pedal is a completely unique effects pedal that enhances the direct-out sound of an acoustic guitar - making the amplified sound more like the guitar actually sounds in a room.

The direct-out of an acoustic guitar is usually taken from a pickup inside the body of the guitar or under the bridge. This is hardly the best place for quality sound - the sound of an acoustic guitar is best heard from outside, where a listener's ear would be. The sound from the direct-out is not at all what is heard by a real listener.

Spectral reassignment technology and the MIKE effects box fix that problem. To develop the MIKE, Xvive recorded 9 different models of acoustic guitar from both the direct-out of the guitar and with a high quality ribbon microphone. The signals were compared and processed to produce equalization curves that spectrally reassigned the direct out signal to match the ribbon mic. The MIKE makes up the difference between the sound inside the guitar, and the sound outside.

The nine presets (plus one neutral setting) represent a wide range of acoustic guitars from jumbos to concerts, to 12-string, and nylon classical. It makes any guitar sound more live and realistic.