Coolaudio V1000 Single Chip Multi-Effects DSP (SOIC-16)

The V1000 is a complete multi-effects audio DSP with ultra high quality audio performance and affordable price. The V1000 includes its own on-board RAM and 16 built-in effects. Combined with a low-cost A/D-D/A codec like the V4220, a complete digital reverb system can be designed with only a few components.

This device is functionally compatible to the Wavefront AL3201 with the following known differences:

  1. The maximum supply voltage for the Wavefront AL3201 is 5.5V, whereas the maximum for the Coolaudio V1000 is 3.6V. Both devices can operate with a 3.3V supply.
  2. The built-in effects ROM is programmed differently in the two devices, below is a comparison of the pre-programmed effects:
    Prog[3:0]Wavefront AL3201Coolaudio V1000
    0000 Delay 1 125ms slapback delay for vocals and guitars. Medium Reverb, Small hall (1.5 sec.)
    0001 Chorus/Room 2 Auto-wah guitar effect with reverb for lead instruments. Chambr7b Reverb, Big hall (2.8 sec.)
    0010 Hall 2 Warm hall for acoustic guitars, pianos, and vocals. Room3b Reverb, Room (1.8 sec.)
    0011 Vocal Cancel Removes lead vocals from many stereo recordings. Chamber2 Reverb, Church (7 sec.)
    0100 Delay 2 190ms delay for percussive arpeggios. Revers3b Reverb Reverse (1.2 sec.)
    0101 Chorus/Room 1 Chorus with reverb for guitars, synths, and pianos. Gated4b Reverb Gated (0.8 sec.)
    0110 Hall 1 Bright hall reverb for drums, guitars, and vocals. Room2a Reverb Chapel (3 sec.)
    0111 Rotary Speaker Rotary speaker emulation for organs and guitars. Spring3b Reverb Spring (2 sec.)
    1000 Flange Stereo flanger for jet wash effects. Phaser1 Phaser
    1001 Plate 2 Sizzling bright plate reverb for vocals and drums. Flanger2 Flanger
    1010 Room 1 Hardwood studio for acoustic instruments. Delay7 Echo
    1011 Plate 1 Classic plate reverb for lead vocals and instruments. Chorus4 Chorus
    1100 Chorus Stereo chorus for guitars and pianos. Earlref4 Early Reflection
    1101 Plate 3 Short vintage plate reverb for snares and guitars. Amb4 Big Ambience
    1110 Room 2 Ambience for acoustic mixes and synth sounds. Delay3 Stereo Delay
    1111 Room 3 Warm room for guitars and rhythm instruments. Delay1 Slap-back Delay

Package: SOIC-16, 300 wide
✔ RoHS Compliant

Coolaudio V1000 in SOIC-16 (300W) package


Coolaudio V1000 Data Sheet