Coolaudio V1401 ADAT optical transmitter/encoder (SOP-20)

The CoolAudio V1401 is an exact replacement for the Wavefront (Alesis) AL1401 ADAT Optical encoder (CoolAudio is the only current manufacturer of this device; Wavefront discontinued it as of Nov 2013).

The V1401 encodes 8 channels of digital audio (4 stereo streams) into a single industry-standard ADAT Optical 'Lightpipe' protocol stream. The V1401 supports many ADAT protocol options including right/left justification, data formats from 16 to 24 bits per sample, and four auxiliary data bits. A high quality internal PLL generates all required high frequency clocks with a single word clock input, eliminating the need for high frequency clock traces on PCB boards (and associated RF noise).

The V1401 combined with an optical transmitter/connector module such as the Toshiba TOTX173 and a minimum of discrete components, can make a complete ADAT optical transmission system, capable of transmitting 8 channels of digital audio sampled at up to 48KHz over a single fiber cable up to 10m (33ft).

We also supply the complimentary Coolaudio ADAT Optical Receiver/Decoder (V1402).

Package: SOP20
✔ RoHS Compliant



Coolaudio V1401 Data Sheet
Wavefront AL1401 Data Sheet
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