Coolaudio V1402 ADAT optical receiver/decoder (SOP-24)

The V1402 decodes 8 channels of digital audio (4 stereo streams) from a single industry-standard ADAT Optical 'Lightpipe' protocol input stream. The V1402 supports many ADAT protocol options including right/left justification, data formats from 16 to 24 bits per sample, and four auxilliary data bits. A high-quality internal PLL generates all required clocks. No external clock is required when the V1402 is operated in 'master' mode (in this mode the clock is derived from and locked to the incoming ADAT data stream). Output is four stereo streams in standard ADC formats (left or right justified).

The V1402 combined with an optical receiver/connector such as the Toshiba TORX173 and a minimum of discrete components can make a complete ADAT optical receiver system capable of receiving and decoding 8 channels of digital audio sampled at up to 48KHz from a single fiber cable.

We also supply the complimentary Coolaudio ADAT Optical Encoder/Transmitter (V1401).

Package: SOP24
✔ RoHS Compliant



Coolaudio V1402 Data Sheet
ADAT General Description and Background