Coolaudio V2164M Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier (SOIC-16)

The Coolaudio V2164M (a replacement for the SSM2164) contains four independent high performance voltage controlled amplifiers(VCAs) in a single package. Each VCA offers current input and output for maximum design flexibility, and a ground referenced -33 mV/dB control port.

The V2164M will operate over a wide supply voltage range of ±4 V to ±18 V. Available in 16-pin SOIC and DIL packages, the device is guaranteed for operation over the extended industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The V2164M is suitable for many applications such as Remote, Automatic, or Computer Volume Controls , Automotive Volume / Balance/Faders, Audio Mixers, Compressor / Limiters / Compandors, Noise Reduction Systems, Automatic Gain Controls, Voltage Controlled Filters, Spatial Sound Processors, Effects Processors, etc.

Package: SOIC-16 (Also available in DIL Package)
✔ RoHS Compliant
Coolaudio V2164M in SOIC-16 package


Coolaudio V2164M Data Sheet