Coolaudio V2902 Stereo Codec with USB, Analog, and S/PDIF (SSOP-28)

The Coolaudio V2902 (PCM2902 equivelent) is a single-chip USB stereo audio codec with USB-compliant full-speed protocol controller and S/PDIF. The USB protocol controller works with no software code, but the USB descriptors can be modified in some areas (e.g., vendor ID/product ID). The V2902 employs SpAct™ architecture, a unique system that recovers the audio clock from USB packet data. On-chip analog PLLs with SpAct™ enable playback and record with low clock jitter and with independent playback and record sampling rates. It can be used in many audio applications such as USB Audio Speakers, USB headphones, USB Monitor and USB Audio Interface boxes.

Features include:

Package: SSOP-28
✔ RoHS Compliant
Coolaudio V2902 in SSOP-28 Package


Coolaudio V2902 Data Sheet