Xvive VTL5C3-2 Opto-Coupler (Axial-5)

The Xvive VTL5C3/2 is a dual-element optical isolator/coupler. It features high isolation, steep slope, good dynamic range, low drive current, and small light history memory. Ideal for use in audio limiting, compression, remote gain control and many other applications.

We also stock single-element couplers:



Device ON Resistance OFF Resistance Slope Dynamic Range Turn On Turn Off
VTL5C3/2 30kΩ @ 1mA
5Ω @ 10mA
1.5Ω @ 40mA
10MΩ 20 (typ) 75db (typ) 2.5ms 35ms

This device is functionally compatible to the PerkinElmer VTL5C3/2.

Package: Axial Leads