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BBD Analog Delay Devices
PartDescriptionPackageManufacturerMfg P/N
300X Series Delays
MN3005 4096 Stage Analog Delay LineDIL-8 specialXviveMN3005
MN3008 2048 Stage Analog Delay LineDIL-8 SpecialPanasonic/MatsushitaMN3008
MN3007 1024 Stage Analog Delay LineDIL-8XviveMN3007
MN3009 256 Stage Analog Delay LineDIL-8XviveMN3009
CT3101 NEW!Clock Driver for MN300X Series BBDDIL-8 (HYB)CabintechCT3101
320X Series Delays
V3205SD 4096 Stage Analog Delay LineDIL-8 specialCoolaudioV3205SD
BL3208A 2048 Stage Analog Delay LineDIL-8BellingBL3208A
V3208D 2048 Stage Analog Delay LineDIL-8CoolaudioV3208D
V3207D 1024 Stage Analog Delay LineDIL-8CoolaudioV3207
MN3102 Clock Generator for Analog Delay LinesDIL-8Panasonic/MatsushitaMN3102
V3102D Clock Generator for Analog Delay LinesDIL-8CoolaudioV3102
Synthesizer Chips
PartDescriptionPackageManufacturerMfg P/N
Voltage Controlled Oscillators
SSI2130 Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)QFN-32Sound SemiconductorSSI2130
DAB2130 SSI 2130 VCO DIL Adapter ModuleHYB-32Sound SemiconductorDAB2130
EVB2130R6-B SSI 2130 Eval Board (Bare with 2130)Bare PCBSound SemiconductorEVB2130R6-B
EVB2130R6-P SSI 2130 Eval Board (Populated)Assembled PCBSound SemiconductorEVB2130R6-P
SSI2131 NEW!Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)SOIC-16Sound SemiconductorSSI2131
AS3340-DIL Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)DIL-16ALFA RPARAS3340
AS3340-SMT Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)SOIC-16ALFA RPARAS3340D
AS3340A-DIL Voltage Controlled Oscillator (A Version)DIL-16ALFA RPARAS3340A
V3340M Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)SOIC-16CoolaudioV3340M
Voltage Controlled Filters
SSI2140 Quad Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF)SSOP-20Sound SemiconductorSSI2140
DAB2140 NEW!SSI 2140 VCF DIL Adapter ModuleHYB-20Sound SemiconductorDAB2140
EVB2140LPR1-B SSI 2140 VCF Eval Board Low Pass (Bare with 2140)Bare PCBSound SemiconductorEVB2140LPR1-B
SSI2144 Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (VCF)SSOP-16Sound SemiconductorSSI2144
AS3350-DIL Dual VC State Variable FilterDIL-16ALFA RPARAS3350
AS3350-SMT Dual VC State Variable FilterSOIC-16ALFA RPARAS3350D
AS3109-SMT Voltage Controlled FilterSOIC-16ALFA RPARAS3109D
AS3320-DIL Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF)DIL-18ALFA RPARAS3320
AS3320-SMT Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF)SOIC-18ALFA RPARAS3320D
V3320 Voltage Controlled FilterSOIC-18WCoolaudioV3320
V2044A 4-Pole VCFSOIC-16CoolaudioV2044A
Other Synth Chips
AS3394-DIL Synth VoiceDIL-24ALFA RPARAS3394E
AS3394-SMT Synth voiceSOIC-24ALFA RPARAS3394ED
AS3394-HYB Synth Voice, CEM 3394 ReplacementHYB-20ALFA RPARAS3394-HYB
AS3397-SMT Dual Waveform Converter / ProcessorSOP-28WALFA RPARAS3397D
AS3310-DIL Voltage Controlled Envelope GeneratorDIL-16ALFA RPARAS3310
AS3310-SMT Voltage Controlled Envelope GeneratorSOIC-16ALFA RPARAS3310D
Operational Amplifiers
PartDescriptionPackageManufacturerMfg P/N
Quad VCAs
SSI2164 Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)SOIC-16Sound SemiconductorSSI2164
AS2164-DIL Quad Voltage Controlled AmplifierDIL-16ALFA RPARAS2164
AS2164-SMT Quad Voltage Controlled AmplifierSOIC-16ALFA RPARAS2164D
AS3364-SMT Quad Linear Voltage Controlled AmplifierSOIC-16ALFA RPARAS3364D
V2164M Quad Voltage Controlled AmplifierSOIC-16CoolaudioV2164M
V2164D Quad Voltage Controlled AmplifierDIL-16CoolaudioV2164D
Dual VCAs
SSI2162 NEW!Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)SOIC-10Sound SemiconductorSSI2162
AS3360-DIL Dual Voltage Controlled AmplifierDIL-14ALFA RPARAS3360
AS3360-SMT Dual Voltage Controlled AmplifierSOIC-14ALFA RPARAS3360D
AS3330-DIL Dual Voltage Controlled AmplifierDIL-18ALFA RPARAS3330
AS3381-SMT Dual Low Noise Voltage Controlled AmplifierSOIC-8ALFA RPARAS3381D
V2162M Dual Low Noise Voltage Controlled AmplifierSOIC-16WCoolaudioV2162
Single VCAs
SSI2161 NEW!Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)SOIC-10Sound SemiconductorSSI2161
V2181L Ultra Low Noise Voltage Controlled AmplifierSIP-8CoolaudioV2181
V13700M Dual OTASOIC-16CoolaudioV13700
AS3080-DIL OTA With Linearizing DiodesDIL-8ALFA RPARAS3080E
AS3080-SMT OTA With Linearizing DiodesSOIC-8ALFA RPARAS3080ED
Other Amplifiers
AS3363-DIL Three Channel VCA (Voltage Polarizer)DIL-16ALFA RPARAS3363
K140YD1201 Programmable Op AmpTO5-8ALFA RPARK140YD1201
K140YD12T Programmable Op AmpSOIC-8ALFA RPARK140YD12T
Vactrol Opto-Couplers/Isolators
PartDescriptionPackageManufacturerMfg P/N
VTL5C4xv Opto-CouplerAxial-4XviveVTL5C4
VTL5C3xv Opto-CouplerAxial-4XviveVTL5C3
VTL5C3-2 Dual Opto-CouplerAxial-5XviveVTL5C3/2
VTL5C1xv Opto-CouplerAxial-4XviveVTL5C1
Analog Signal Processing
PartDescriptionPackageManufacturerMfg P/N
Compressor / Expanders
SA571D NEW!Audio Compressor/ExpanderSOIC-16WOnSemiSA571DG
AS571-SMT Audio Compressor/ExpanderSOIC-16ALFA RPARAS571D
V571D Audio Compressor/ExpanderDIL-16CoolaudioV571D
V571M Audio Compressor/ExpanderSOIC-16WCoolaudioV571M
V575M Low Voltage Precision CompanderSOIC-20WCoolaudioV575M
Other Analog Signal Devices
AS3372-SMT Signal ProcessorSOIC-24ALFA RPARAS3372ED
AS3372-HYB NEW!Signal Processor, CEM 3372 ReplacementHYB-18ALFA RPARAS3372-HYB
K1100CK2B Sample and HoldTO5-8ALFA RPARK1100CK2B
V2153M Sound Enhancement Audio ProcessorSOIC-20CoolaudioV2153
V411 Quad CMOS Analog SwitchSOIC-16CoolaudioV411
Digital Audio
PartDescriptionPackageManufacturerMfg P/N
Digital Signal Processors
FXCORE Audio Effects DSPTQFP-64Experimental NoizeFXCore
FXCORE-DEV FXCore DSP Development BoardPCBExperimental NoizeFXCore Dev Board
FV-1 Programmable DSP ReverbSOIC-28WSpinFV-1
V1000 Single Chip Multi-Effects DSPSOIC-16WCoolaudioV1000
A/D and D/A Converters
M8000 115 dB, 192 kHz, 8-Channel A/D ConverterLQFP-48LMidasM8000
M9000 120 dB Stereo D/A ConverterTSSOP-28MidasM9000
V4220M 24-bit Stereo CodecSSOP-28CoolaudioV4220
V2902 Stereo Codec with USB, Analog, and S/PDIFSSOP-28CoolaudioV2902
ADAT Optical Devices
V1401 ADAT optical transmitter/encoderSOIC-20WCoolaudioV1401
V1402 ADAT optical receiver/decoderSOIC-24WCoolaudioV1402
FCR684205T OTJ-5 Optical Transmitter ModuleOPT-3CliffFCR684205T
FCR684205R OTJ-5 Optical Receiver ModuleOPT-3CliffFCR684205R
PartDescriptionPackageManufacturerMfg P/N
AS194H Matched NPN transistor pairTO5-8ALFA RPARAS194H
AS194DE Matched NPN transistor pairSOIC-8-EPADALFA RPARAS194DE
AS394H Matched NPN transistor pairTO5-8ALFA RPARAS394H
AS3046-DIL NPN Transistor ArrayDIL-14ALFA RPARAS3046
AS3944-SMT Quad NPN Matched Transistor ArraySOIC-14ALFA RPARAS3944
PartDescriptionPackageManufacturerMfg P/N
SOPDIL16 SOIC-16 to DIL-16 Conversion KitKITCabintechSOPDIL16