Xvive MN3005 4096-Stage Analog Delay Line (DIL-8 special)

The Xvive MN3005 is a modern remake of the classic Panasonic part that achieves the same level of performance as the original. Xvive has invested heavily in new development and production of this part that is the heart of their new W3 Memory Analog Delay Pedal. This is the first production device in many years that attains the original Panasonic MN3005 specifications at a reasonable cost.

A/B Comparison of Xvive MN3005 and Panasonic MN3005
(courtesy of Space-Cat Audio Technologies)

This device is functionally compatible with the Panasonic MN3005.

Package: DIL-8 (Dual Inline, 8 pin, special)
✔ RoHS Compliant

Xvive Audio MN3005 in DIL 8 Pin Special Package


Xvive MN3005 Data Sheet
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