Coolaudio V3207D 51ms Analog Delay Line (DIL-8)

The Coolaudio V3207 (a replacement for the MN3207) is a low-noise analog delay line capable of delaying an analog signal up to 51.2msec. This delay line is commonly used to generate audio effects such as reverb, echo, phaser, etc. This BBD (Bucket-Brigade Device) has 1024 stages and requires a two-phase clock (see the Coolaudio V3102).

This device is functionally compatible to the Panasonic MN3207.

Package: DIL-8 (Dual Inline, 8 pin)
✔ RoHS Compliant
Coolaudio V3207D in DIL-8 Package


Coolaudio V3207 Data Sheet
BBD Concepts