Coolaudio V4220M 24-bit Stereo Codec (SSOP-28)

The Coolaudio V4220 (a replacement for the CS4220) is a 24-bit stereo audio encoder/decoder with 105dB Signal-to-Noise ratio. This high performance codec uses the latest technology for A/D and D/A conversion and can operate froma single +5V power supply. Combine this with the V1000 DSP for a low cost, high quality digital stereo effects and processing solution. This codec features analog volume control, differential inputs/outputs, and on-chip anti-aliasing and smoothing filters.

This device is functionally compatible to the Cirrus CS4220/1.

Package: SSOP-28
✔ RoHS Compliant
Coolaudio V4220 in SSOP-28 Package


Coolaudio V4220 Data Sheet